About Us


Choice Book Stall takes care of your Back to School school book needs. Choice Book Stall supplies school books for all primary schools & secondary schools in Pune. The Choice Book Stall’s online school book shop stocks school books, school stationery and arts & crafts materials for all cl.ses, along with a wide selection of other school books Our Products.
Much loved and highly reputed, Choice Book Stall has set a benchmark amongst bookstores in Pune. It is today a 20-year-old bookstore chain with a major store in Camp area and camp. stores across the Pune city. Choice Book Stall is a family-owned business completely dedicated to high the quality care of children. Our team is full of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We have over 20 years’ experience in this field. We deliver books to schools across the cities. Their continuous efforts to bring about improvements in their services and dedicated software developments this is what makes Choice Book Stall what it is!
All of this together with prompt and friendly services assists 022 5251052625 in achieving the best possible results and business objectives.